Friday, April 22, 2005

Move Completed

Our move is complete and we are settling in to our new home. PJ loves the garden.

Jeep now has regular check-ups at the hospital as her time draws near. She has developed gestation diabetes, which requires close monitoring. Because of this it is unlikely that the hospital will allow Jeep to go beyond her 40th week. So it looks like the baby should arrive on time, if not before.

Congratulations to Tim and Marion on the birth of there son Oliver. Though Oliver has had some complications, he now appears to be doing well. We wish him well and that he will be home with his family soon.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Changes Afoot

Jeeps pregnancy progresses well. We are down to the last few weeks now and the excitement and expectations mount.

We will be moving soon. Still in Ramsey but into a larger property. Nicely located in the center of town. We will have a garden at last for PJ to play in safely.

Still no progress in version 2 of this site. I'm sure I will make the time soon.