Wednesday, February 22, 2006

William is now crawling

Today William finally got the hang of crawling. I sat him down and turned my back and when I turned back he had moved several feet. So I thought I'd test him. I sat him down again. I moved to the other side of the room and called to him. He again crawled the few feet towards me. I think he will improve rapidly now. He can also climb up to a kneeling position. Soon he will be climbling to a standing position. In a few months I am sure he will be taking his first steps unaided.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Jeep and the Co-Op

Jeep has finally got the job that she wanted. Jeep was invited to an inteview at a Co-Op mini-market a couple of weeks ago and was very excited to have been offered the job of Sales Assistant. It is working part-time about 30 hours per week. The hours compliment mine, so that when I am working Jeep is at home and when I come home Jeep is working. Jeep works 3 evenings per week and on Saturday and Sunday. It works well for us and saves us a lot of money with child care costs.

Two weeks into her new job, Jeep is enjoying the experience very much. It gets her out of the home. It gives her a break from the boys. She meets new people daily. Is able to practice her English in a real environment. She also gets on well with her colleagues. Just like my job, it is only a few minutes walk from home. So we can reveal that Jeep is extreamly happy with her new job at the Co-Op.

More Winter Whoes

I don't believe it! More time off work.

Last week I was struck down with a cold. Not too serious, I could cope with that. Four days into my could and I was hit with a fever, which lasted all of last Sunday afternoon. By evening my chest was sore and I had an earache. I didn't sleep much that night and by morning the pain in my ear was unbearable. I contacted the surgury, and was diagnosed with an ear infection and a chest infection. More antibiotics for me!

My ear has cleared up now but I still have a chesty cough. This should clear up by next week. William has cought the viral infection that has been going round the island. PJ had this too, but his cleared up a week ago, so I am expecting William's infection too follow the same path. Hopefully, we will all be well again after the weekend. Roll on the spring!