Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm just thinking...

I miss my old Hinemoa 'Sebastian'. I miss messing about on the water. Should I build or should I buy? The cheapest Hinemoa of worth is around £2,000. To build a Hinemoa is around £5,000. With second-hand boats, there is all the extras that come with them. Though with building a Hinemoa, the cost of the plans is £210 or £278 with the Tiki rig plans. The cost of the build can be spread over the time it takes to raise the finance. Though the build time is around 500 hours, this can be spread over several years, depending on the speed of financing. Should I wait another few years to go sailing? Should I take pleasure from the building? Where should I build?

I have been following Neil is his build project - 'Gleda' at We are of a similar age. I have the added responsibilty of a young family. Time and money is very precious now and to find either for myself is quite difficult. Perhaps, I can get my boys interested in building? Though, there is the concern of exposing them to the dangers of epoxy resin. Still much to think about...

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I've almost finished work on version 3 of my family website. The current version is a static website (where the content rarely changes). The new site is really only a mirror image of the existing website. The difference being the back-end. Version 3 is built and powered by Joomla. It has been an interesting learning excercise. All I need now, is to decide on a hosting company and version 3 will go live.

Joomla is a content manangement system (CMS). What is a CMS? Well is a CMS. You simply login and add/amend/delete content and adjust the layout. I intend to use the knowledge to build other future websites as part of an ongoing project.

TT 2009

Well that's the TT over for another year.

It has been a good year for the bikers. A lot quieter than previous years and I've heard crumbles from many businesses that takings are down.

For the first time this year a new class was introduced for zero emission bikes. Very strange watching these bikes race. No sound except for the whine of their electic motors.

Back to normal life now until the end of August when the Manx Grand Prix takes place and the island is overrun with bikes again for 2 weeks.


I'm just getting over a cold. It's been awhile since my last (unusual for me).

Today has not been a good day for me as I have been suffering for most of the afternoon with IBS. This appears to be triggered with alcohol consumption. I had a few pints on Friday.

Over the last few years my IBS always seems to follow the rare occasion when I have a drink. I am starting to wonder if I have developed an allergy to alcohol... C'est la vie!