Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Internet Identity Theft

Bummer! I have been the victim of an Internet Identify Theft. I just got paid and decided I needed new ink cartridges for my printer, so lunch-time I went to my local computer shop to buy some cartridges only to have my card declined! I went to the ATM and though it was showing a healthy balance neither the ATM or the shop would let me use my card.

I telephoned my bank (via the usual call centre in India - that was no fun!) and they told me the card had been blocked and referred to their fraud department. I then spoke to a member of the bank's fraud department and he confirmed my card had been used in several attempts to make purchases online ranging from £1,000 downwards. Fortunately, for me, being just before payday my account was looking a bit anaemic and all the transactions were refused. It was at this point fraud was suspected and the card was blocked. Had the fraudster(s) waited until the end of the month and I could have lost this month's salary!

Now all I have to do is wait for a new card (about a week) and the inconvenience that entails. C'est la vie! A lesson learnt. I have a pre-pay debit card and I will use that in future for my online purchases and keep my bank card well away from the Internet! Phew! That was close.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Ails

Mum, Eve & Jeep all have colds. Mine only lasted a day (Tickly throat). Instead I developed a raging tooth ache. It seems to be a an old problem with one of my teeth and I think it's days are numbered. I have managed to get an appointment with my local NHS dentist in three weeks time. For now I have an infection to contend with. It has been very uncomfortable this weekend and if the pain and swelling hasn't subsided tomorrow I will visit my doctor for some anti-biotics to fight the infection.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's been that long?

Time flys. We're near the end of June. I thought we were at the start of a long hot summer but the weather quickly turned. Last week I thought we were back to winter! I even had the central heating on again! Now it is just muggy.

Work has settled down and we're as busy as ever. Jeep is still working hard at the Co-Op. We have just received a mountain of forms, notes and todos from PJ's school ready for him starting his foundation year in September. It will be strange not taking him to school every lunchtime. a change of routine in taking him to school before work. William has started nursery two afternoons a week. He seems to enjoy himself though he is in tears every time I take him.

My Mum and Eve will be visiting us in just 4 weeks time now for a 4 week visit. We are all looking forward to that.

Having bought the aerolite boat plans I have still to make a start. Though I have been collecting mini-clamps, I now have about 20. It has been recommended that I have about 50. I have sourced these clamps on the island at only £1.50 for a set of 4. So not very costly at all. Every time I visit Douglas I clear the shop out!

I have slipped on the apple diet and resorted back to my presciption. It is so much easier in combating my acid problem.