Thursday, September 29, 2005

Autumn (Fall) Gales are here

Boy! I'm having fun!

I have almost completed my first month in my new job. William is growing fast and is now 4 months old. Version 2 of my website is coming along. I have found some interesting links, more on this later. Finally, in this last week, I have stepped into the Internet Marketing arena again. I was looking for a site to host my website and I found this - . Website hosting AND a money earner. All for US$10 per month. Another site, more for our Thai readers really. Not sure how well it works but it should get better with time - . For all you Thais out there, try it. It's free! Please let me know how you get on with it.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

34' Sailing Dory 'Badger'

While walking towards the swing-bridge in Ramsey harbour, there ahead of me and to my great surprise was 'Badger' waiting to enter the inner harbour. 'Badger' is a Benford designed 34' sailing dory, made famous (in sailing circles) by Annie Hill in her excellent book 'Voyaging On A Small Income'.

The new owners of Badger - Alan and Gloria Parsons - were sailing her to a Junk Rig Association meeting in Scotland. On route from their home in Cumbria they decided to have a short stop-over in the Isle of Man. I am pleased they did. Having already read both Annie's books, I was keen to see this wonderful boat first hand. Here she was sailing into my home town!

I quickly made may aquaintance to Alan and Gloria. They stayed for a few days in Ramsey before continuing their voyage, and I was fortunate enough not only to make new friends but to go aboard 'Badger' and admire her fully. What a week!