Monday, December 18, 2006

Thai Culture

It's nearing Christmas and we are nearly ready. PJ is a little older now to understand more about Christmas. I am not religious and Jeep is very much Buddhist. It is difficult to teach the way of Buddha to PJ, with him attending a largely Christian school and Christian community.

There are no Buddhist temples on the island, and Jeep is concerned about keeping her Thai culture alive. To that end we are looking to build a Thai community here on the island commited to keeping their Thai culture and beliefs alive. We are at the planning stage but hope to make great strides in the New Year.

Friday, July 28, 2006

"Slug in my mouth"

We're all just getting over a summer cold. It hasn't been too bad, sore thoat followed by a phlegmy chesty cough. PJ described his chesty cough as having a "Slug in my mouth". Hmmm! That pretty much sums it up!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

William's first steps

News has been slow coming. Jeep and I are both working hard. I take over the child care in the evenings when Jeep goes out to work. Consequently, we both feel tired very often. Sitting myself down and updating my blog can be a challenge. William managed to walk a few steps for my birthday, in early July. He also speaks a few discernible words and improves everyday. He is always a joy. A very happy baby. I say baby, he is fast becoming a toddler! PJ is growing fast and I often have a fight on my hands as to which of us gets onto the computer first! His speech is improving and he seems to be coping well with both English and Thai. Jeep tells me he speaks Thai like a non-Thai.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

William's First Birthday

William celebrated his first birthday on Friday. He is still not walking and only his two bottom teeth are showing. I guess he is taking his time and in no hurry, unlike PJ.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


PJ has got Chickenpox and he is not too happy about it. His playmates have been banned from calling round. I first noticed the spots on Saturday, so he probably has already infected the other children at the nursery. I will find out on Monday. William is showing no sings of infection but in all probability he will get it soon.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Snowy Ramsey

The last few days has seen frequent snow showers over Ramsey. Sometimes there was a significant amount for it to lay, but this amounted to no more than 1cm. Our first snow this winter, well I say winter but it is now spring! I doubt whether we will see any more snow until next winter, maybe not even then.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Coughs and Sneezes

I've finally got to the bottom of why I have been continually catching chesty coughs, colds, flu and chest infections - Asthma!

The winter of 2004/5 saw me with a very bad viral infection which took many weeks to clear. After this I was noticeably asthmatic. I was prescribed a preventer and a reliever, though I had little understanding of asthma or of the use of these inhalers in controlling it. During the rest of the year I felt ok. I had an irritating cough but then I have had this for years. I put it down to my heavy smoking in my youth.

Thinking back over those years now, I believe that it was not the smoking that gave me this cough but asthma. It would seem that I have been suffering from asthma for decades! Now with proper use of both the preventer and reliever inhalers my cough is finally under control. Hopefully, I can look forward to future years with fewer colds and sneezes.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

William is now crawling

Today William finally got the hang of crawling. I sat him down and turned my back and when I turned back he had moved several feet. So I thought I'd test him. I sat him down again. I moved to the other side of the room and called to him. He again crawled the few feet towards me. I think he will improve rapidly now. He can also climb up to a kneeling position. Soon he will be climbling to a standing position. In a few months I am sure he will be taking his first steps unaided.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Jeep and the Co-Op

Jeep has finally got the job that she wanted. Jeep was invited to an inteview at a Co-Op mini-market a couple of weeks ago and was very excited to have been offered the job of Sales Assistant. It is working part-time about 30 hours per week. The hours compliment mine, so that when I am working Jeep is at home and when I come home Jeep is working. Jeep works 3 evenings per week and on Saturday and Sunday. It works well for us and saves us a lot of money with child care costs.

Two weeks into her new job, Jeep is enjoying the experience very much. It gets her out of the home. It gives her a break from the boys. She meets new people daily. Is able to practice her English in a real environment. She also gets on well with her colleagues. Just like my job, it is only a few minutes walk from home. So we can reveal that Jeep is extreamly happy with her new job at the Co-Op.

More Winter Whoes

I don't believe it! More time off work.

Last week I was struck down with a cold. Not too serious, I could cope with that. Four days into my could and I was hit with a fever, which lasted all of last Sunday afternoon. By evening my chest was sore and I had an earache. I didn't sleep much that night and by morning the pain in my ear was unbearable. I contacted the surgury, and was diagnosed with an ear infection and a chest infection. More antibiotics for me!

My ear has cleared up now but I still have a chesty cough. This should clear up by next week. William has cought the viral infection that has been going round the island. PJ had this too, but his cleared up a week ago, so I am expecting William's infection too follow the same path. Hopefully, we will all be well again after the weekend. Roll on the spring!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Viral Infection

I hope that this is the end of my ails for some time! I have just got over a horrible bowel viral infection. It kept me off work for a few days. Nasty piece of work! I think I caught this one from William but apart from the high temperature, he didn't seem too effected. PJ doesn't seem to be effected by much. He gets down for a few hours and then bounces back with gusto! Apart from the odd cold, Jeep has avoided ill health this winter.

My blood test for my indigestion and acid reflux has proved negative and since taking the acid pump tablets I haven't been effected by excess acid since. I am hopeful for the future.

I am now looking forward to spring and a healthier outlook for the rest of the year.