Sunday, February 13, 2005

50th Birthday Preview

I did not intend to leave such a big gap in my blog. I have been quite unwell since before the New Year with a chest infection. It is almost clear now, but it did slow me up a little.

I have made no progress in Version two of this site. It has taken a bit of a back seat for some time. I hope to start work on this again soon. It will not use frames and be more flexible, along with improved photo albums.

Jeep's pregnancy is moving along well and just entering her final trimester. The sex of the baby is unknown and this will be an exciting surprise to us when it arrives.

My Mum and Aunt Eve are coming over from Spain to be with us when the baby is due. This will be a welcome relief for us both, as PJ can be a handful at times.

Plans are underway for my 50th birthday celebrations in July of this year. Invites have gone out and replies have started to come in. It is planned to be an afternoon fun event, with the children in mind. Hopefully, there will be something for everyone. It should be a great summer social. I am looking forward to sharing this event will all my friends. If I have left anyone out who wants to attend then please drop me a line.

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