Saturday, September 03, 2005

34' Sailing Dory 'Badger'

While walking towards the swing-bridge in Ramsey harbour, there ahead of me and to my great surprise was 'Badger' waiting to enter the inner harbour. 'Badger' is a Benford designed 34' sailing dory, made famous (in sailing circles) by Annie Hill in her excellent book 'Voyaging On A Small Income'.

The new owners of Badger - Alan and Gloria Parsons - were sailing her to a Junk Rig Association meeting in Scotland. On route from their home in Cumbria they decided to have a short stop-over in the Isle of Man. I am pleased they did. Having already read both Annie's books, I was keen to see this wonderful boat first hand. Here she was sailing into my home town!

I quickly made may aquaintance to Alan and Gloria. They stayed for a few days in Ramsey before continuing their voyage, and I was fortunate enough not only to make new friends but to go aboard 'Badger' and admire her fully. What a week!

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