Monday, April 09, 2007


Following on from a previous post in my other blog a couple of years ago, I have for a long time now suffered with GERD and the effects, i.e. heartburn.

My doctor has prescribed a proton-pump inhibitor - Lansoprazole. This has had an immediate effect. If I stop taking these tablets for a couple of days though, the heartburn returns.

I have for a long time been looking for an alternative solution to this age old problem without the need for prescribed drugs. I am concerned about any long-term effects of these acid blockers.

I found on the Internet a possible solution. It involves eating a specific variety of apple and a specific type of honey. I am sceptical too, but I'll try just about anything in search of a cure.

I stopped taking the Lansoprazole on Saturday 7th April 2007. So far it appears to be working. whenever I get a hint of heartburn I eat a slice of this apple and the heartburn dissipates. I haven't tried the honey as yet. The honey is meant to sooth and protect the esophagus giving it a chance to heal and become better resistent to the acid.

I will keep you posted on my progress and if I have to return to my Lansoprazole.

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