Monday, September 03, 2007

Server-Side Scripting

My family website has been written solely in HTML and CSS. I want to do more on this site specifically with dynamic content. This is not possible without some sort of scripting. I have been toying with learning Javascript for some time. Javascript, for those that don't know is a client side script, and can be switched off by the user browsing the website. This renders some functionality of a website inoperable!

To overcome this, what is needed is some form of server-side scripting. Server-side scripting are instructions that are run by the server that hosts the website before the web pages are presented to the user's browser. Therefore the user is unable to switch these instructions off. The web page behaves as it is intended by the author.

The two most common server-side scripting languages are PHP and ASP. I have chosen PHP because it is free! It is also very powerful and well supported. You can identify web pages that use PHP by looking at the URL in the browser address bar. It will show something like

Now I am learning PHP. So far I have found it quite simple to use. I have installed a local server on my PC to learn and run PHP scripts. I am using an online tutorial .

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