Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Wind Has Changed

Nothing happens for awhile then all at once the buses arrive all together!

After a rushed trip into Douglas last Sunday for Jeep to attend an open recruitment day at Tesco, we only heard about this the night before, Jeep was asked back for a second interview on Thursday. Then on Thursday, she was offered a job working in the Bakery department. Yesterday Jeep attended her induction and starts work next Tuesday. Initially, she will be working on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday evenings and during Sunday daytime. We are very pleased and Jeep is looking forward to the journey ahead.

Last Friday, Jeep attended the Isle of Man College to sit her driver theory test. Though Jeep was nervous, unsurprisingly for me she not only finished first, she only got one question wrong! Jeep put in a lot of hours studying at home, both on the computer and from a book. Jeep tackled this project like she does everything else - thoroughly! Bear in mind too, English is not Jeep's native tongue. Well done Jeep!

Oh! And to round off the week we had a small win on the lotto! As I said, "It's been a funny old week".

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