Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Race the Sun

Having lost a stone before Chrisitmas to raise money for the DEC Indonesian disaster appeal, I have now volunteered to run a leg in this years Race the Sun. This is a race from sunrise to sunset around the 98 mile coastal footpath of the Isle of Man. I have volunteered for leg 2 - The Cronk to the Point of Ayr - 11 miles of beaches, dunes and grassy paths.

The event takes place on Saturday 19th of June - two days before the summer solstice. I have about 2 hours to complete my leg. So, I am back in training. One, to loose another 2 stone and get my weight down to a comfortable 10 stone race weight, and two, to get myself fit enough to complete the challenge. It's 15 weeks till the race, so it is do-able. I plan to get my race speed up to at least 9 minute miles, hopefully 8 minute miles and complete my leg in less than 90 minutes; a tough challenge for a 54 year-old office wallah. Heck, it will only be a couple of weeks short of my 55th birthday!

This event is a sponsored event so, over the next 15 weeks I will not only be posting a training progress report, I will also be touting for sponsorship!

Wish me luck!

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