Sunday, February 12, 2012

Visual Basic 2008

Jip and I have been discussing our future plans and our future definitely lies in Thailand. I need to expand my programming skills. To that end, I dug out my Visual Studio 2008 disc and found I burnt it in March 2009! Crikey! I completed my VB course three years ago!

I have re-installed VS2008 and started to refresh my knowledge of VB by working through MS Visual Basic 2008 Step by Step. So far so good; it all seems so familiar.

Our plan now, is to work towards a move to Thailand in mid to late 2013. Plai's graduation ceremony is expected to be during the autumn of that year and we want to be there for that.

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PaulE said...

It looks like we will be staying in the Isle of Man for several more years yet. PJ is moving up to senior school this September. C'est la vie!