Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thailand Holiday - Day 17

Jeep and I drove into Udon today without the boys to do some shopping. Another snake 2-3ft long crossed our path. Police were out in force this morning with traffic checks. A falang behind me got pulled over. We were lucky. I discovered later that we did not have the car documents in the car (legal requirement) also we were still displaying last years tax and insurance discs (we had them, just weren't displaying them) Oops!

We bought a rice steamer and a water boiler to take home to the IOM with us. We did a little Christmas shopping. Jeep traded in some of here broken gold jewellery and bought some more. Later, we collected Plai from the bus station and returned home before it got dark.

That night I drank a lot of beer with Toey's wife and got drunk.

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