Friday, November 21, 2008

Thailand Holiday - Day 21

Sad day today. Everyone was locked in their own thoughts. We visited Wat Luang Pa Nak to say goodbye to the senior monk. Back home, we finished packing and then we set off for Udon airport.

Many tears were shed at the airport. No-one wanted us to leave and no-one wanted to leave, but leave we did. PJ and William were inconsolable. Mai was equally upset at seeing her two grandsons leave.

On arrival at Bangkok, a taxi ride from Don Muang (Domestic) to the new Suvarnabhumi (International) airport saw us checked in and silently waiting for departure to the UK.

Surprise! Uan and Pui turned found us in the airport and kept us company until our departure. The Thai Airways 00:30 flight - TG910 - was on time. After a dramatic 48 hours we were finally on our way home. We all slept quite peacefully throughout most of the flight and arrived at London Heathrow at about 06:15 the same day. Time differences does strange things. We collected our hire car and drove to Gatwick airport, stopping off at a Little Chef near Horsham. The burgers were great!

The Flybe 12:35 flight from Gatwick to the Isle of Man went without a hitch. Another surprise! Dang, Noi, Leonne & Joanna met us at Ronaldsway airport with our car. We loaded up the car and drove the final leg home, exhausted! My ears are shot to pieces after 5 flights in 2 days.

After the rest of the weekend to recover, it is back to work on Monday for me, work on Tuesday for Jeep and back to school for PJ on Monday.

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