Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thailand Holiday - day 5

Feeding fish in Nong Prajak Park
Originally uploaded by Evans-Amsri

I sat around home and chatted the morning away. In the afternoon we drove to Udon and fed the fish at Nong Prajak Park. Later we went to the Chaoensri Complex shopping mall. I bought various bits for Plai's PC. When we got home I setup the webcam and downloaded Skype. I checked Skype but Mum was not online. PJ and William enjoy being taken around town on one of the motorbikes with Na Sa (Auntie Sunisa). The bikes hardly qualify as 'motorbikes', 50-100cc and fully automatic. No pedals, push button to start engine, twist throttle and go! The brakes are the same as for a bicycle. If fact it is just like riding a bicycle but no peddling!

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