Monday, November 03, 2008

Thailand Holiday - day 3

Monday we drove into Bangkok - usual heavy traffic. We arrived at the Siam Paragon shopping mall for lunch. My Abbey debit card would not work in the ATMs! I tried a bank - no joy. Jeep's Barclays debit card would not work in the ATMs either! In the bank Jeep's card was accepted but mine wasn't. I will transfer my money via the internet to my pre-payment Master Card.

We had a fun time in Ocean World aquarium which is in the basement of the Siam Paragon. As anticipated, Thais 500 Baht but foreigners 900 Baht! We managed to get in with a 1,500 Baht (Thai price) family ticket for four, 3,000 Baht for the same ticket for foreigners. Incidentally, foreigner prices displayed using western numerals, Thai prices displayed in Thai numerals, so most foreigners never know - cheeky!

The aquarium was probably worth the foreigners price as it can easily take over an hour to get through. We had a great time! Included in the family ticket price was a trip around the main tank in a glass bottomed boat with commentary. Later PJ became a stooge for a comic magician performing in front of one of the tanks. Everyone including PJ had a scream! We were crying with laughter. PJ makes a great stooge!

Later we crossed Bangkok, again in heavy traffic, for a delicious evening meal with one of Jeep's neighbours who had moved to Bangkok from Ban Phue. They remember PJ when he was a baby.

Later that evening we had a traffic free run across Bangkok back to Uan and Pui's apartment.

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