Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thailand Holiday - Day 20

I cought the red-eye flight from Udon to Bangkok Don Muang airport this morning. On arrival I grabbed a taxi and went straight to the embassy. The two Thai ladies at the embassy - Khun Pareena and Khun Siwaporn - were extremely helpful and curteous and helped to ease my anxiety. It was decided that I will have to apply for an Emergency Passport - cost about £55. I would have to return in the afternoon to collect it. In the meantime, I kicked my heels around Surkumvit (which is close to the embassy) and wondered past the many bars and massage parlours (quite quiet at this time of day) I visited a couple of the glitzy shopping malls in the area and had some lunch. At 3pm I returned to the embassy to hopefully collect my EP. I had to wait in the queue. I should have returned earlier.

It wasn't until 4pm that I got my EP. Now I only needed to replace my entry visa and get that stamped on my EP. No entry visa - no exit visa! I quickly started to walk towards the Thai Immigration office. Big Mistake! It is further than it looked on the map. Time was ticking by. I grabbed a taxi bike and hurried on. The Thai Immigration office is due to close at 4.30pm!

The 'Lost Passport' desk just closed as I arrived and the two young ladies were preparing to go home. After much pleading and wai'ing, the girls had a change of heart and re-opened their desk and processed my visa. With my EP duly stamped I left Thai Immigration. I phoned Jeep the good news and started my journey back to Udon. Another taxi ride back to Don Muang airport through the evening traffic. That journey took about 90 minutes! I managed to get on the next flight out of Don Muang to Udon, departing at 18:35.

Jeep collected me from Udon airport and after some late night shopping we drove home.

Phew! What a day!

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