Friday, November 07, 2008

Thailand Holiday - day 7

This morning, Jeep gave me some brief instructions on how to ride the motorbikes. I prefer the pink one - twist and go - can't be simpler. The black one has a tempermental choke! I was riding about town in no time. I rode to the computer shop (where else?) and bought a sound card and speakers for Plai's computer - the onboard sound card is rubbish! Back home, I fitted the card and fired up Skype. In the evening, I called Mum in Spain. Late evening our end, mid-afternoon Spanish time. Video was great, sound not so good. We could hear Mum (most of the time) but Mum kept losing us!

Plai is well pleased with the addition of the sound card. It makes all the difference to his game playing and listening to music on YouTube.

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