Monday, November 03, 2008

Thailand Holiday - day 1 & 2

Jeep caught a cold two days before we left the Isle of Man. We flew from London Heathrow on Thai Airways TG917 at 21:35 on Saturday 1st November - slight delay due to late arrival of flight crew.

PJ and william were both sick before we boarded - to much rich food? They continued to be sick sparodically throughout the flight! Little sleep for us all. We arrived tired but relieved at 16:30 local time on Sunday. Immigration were friendly and helpful and we passed through baggage reclaim and customs quickly.

Yai, Sunisa, Pui, Uan and Palmy met us at the airport. Everyone was choked with a few tears, including me! We all piled into Uan's car and drove across Bangkok to Uan and Pui's apartment. We drove west into the setting sun and across a river.

Though we were tired we dined out at a local floating resturant at Sam Phuan. A very enjoyable meal. We slept with difficulty that night even though we were very tired - Jet lag?

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