Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thailand Holiday - Day 13

Wat Luang Pu Nak
Originally uploaded by Evans-Amsri

In the morning Jeep, Sunisa, Myself, PJ and William visited a nearby temple - Wat Luang Pu Nak. We took food to offer to the monks and share with the other visitors to the temple. I took many photos of the sculptures depicting hell. We bought a Buddha image and some amulets from the temple shop to take home with us. Afterwards we bought some fish food to feed the temple fish.

Later, Jeep and I slipped out without the boys to do some shopping in Udon. We bought several items that we wanted to take back to the Isle of Man. We met Plai later after he finished school. In the evening we stopped by at our favourite kerbside noodle bar in Udon Datsadi Road. Afterwards to did some more shopping in Tesco Lotus before returning home. By the time we got home William was fast asleep.

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