Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thailand Holiday - day 6

Neighbours at Gold Shop
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This morning we visited our neighbours at the gold shop. I presented the patron with a bottle of Glenmorangie. I have yet to find any malt Whisky in Thailand. Plenty of blended stuff, but no malt. I'm sure it can be had (for a price) in Bangkok, but elsewhere I'm not so sure the demand is there.

We sat and chatted with our neighbours for an hour or so. PJ and William went off to school with their cousin Palmy. This is a private school in Ban Phue. It was very quite at home without the children. I went shopping alone at the department store in Ban Phue. I bought some shorts and shirts. I was horrified at my waist size. I must do something about this when I get back to the Isle of Man.

The children arrived home at lunchtime. PJ wasn't happy with the Thai food at school.

During the early afternoon we stood by the cross-road in the town centre to watch the Chinese festival and parade. There was a dragon dance along the main road with lots of fire crackers, some acrobatics and then a very lengthy parade. Different communities in Ban Phue put on float displays, dance troops, beauty queens and generally made as much noise as possible. This really marked the start of Loi Krathong festival. Many of the procession displayed their Krathongs - a float made from banana leaves and decorated with flowers and candles. Some were very large and ornate. These would be floated during the night of the full-moon (this year the 12th) after dark on the local waters.

In the evening after dark we went into town again to visit the fair. Plenty of food stalls - delicious! There was a Chinese theatre, a Chinese shrine, some fairground rides, an outdoor stageshow and and outdoor cinema. This fair runs until Loi Krathong itself. We will come back again. PJ, Palmy and William manage to persuade Na Sa and Na Buth to take them to the fair every evening!

PJ is taking to learning Thai under Na Sa's tutorledge. It seems to me with PJ's tantrums, all he needs is more attention. William happily plays alone or with others, he doesn't need the constant attention as PJ does. Gold star today for William.

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