Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thailand Holiday - day 12

Loi Krathong
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Fulll Moon - Loi Krathong festival. Aom and Garn stopped by for a visit in the morning. Aom has changed so much I did not recognise her. Lunchtime we watched the Loi Krathong carnival procession through the town. The costums, floats and dancing was a delight! Afterwards, we lunched and chatted with Aom and Garn. Later they left to return to Udon. After dark, we went into town, bought our Krathongs (floats) and set them afloat in the local pond. Later, Jeep and I went to the nearby school grounds where the main festivities were taking place. We watched a little of the beauty pagent. There were also dance competitions from various schools in the area.

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