Sunday, November 09, 2008

Thailand Holiday - day 9

A quiet day today. Jeep still has her bad cough. We all got up early to visit the forest temple - Wat Na Kha. It was good to see the senior monk at the temple again.

Later in the morning, we were visited by Jeep's aunt, uncle and cousins.

In the afternoon, our good friend Gulab from Loei province visited us with her sisters and brother-in-law. Gulab's family returned home and Gulab stayed with us overnight. Tomorrow, we will all go to the local temple to make merit.

In the evening, Uan, Buth, Pui, myself and the boys visited Wat Luang Pu Nak to tell our fortunes using chinese fortune sticks. I drew number 28 and PJ number 16. Both were supposed to be good. I couldn't read Thai or Chinese so I had to rely of others to translate. We bought some fish food and fed the catfish in the temple pond.

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